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Hello Blog World!

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Hello Blog World!

Hello! I hope you are doing fantastic today! Welcome to my very first post here on Live.Love.Read!

I just wanted to take a second to introduce my new page and let you know what my plan is with this amazing platform.


You guys… I am in LOVE with books! I like all kinds of books, but my favorite genre is definitely romance. Yea, I know, typical mom…

It’s funny, I remember when I was younger that I would pick on my mom for the cheesy romance novels she would read, and here we are, years later and now that’s basically me!

So I will be sharing some of what I’m reading! I will update you with my current reads (and listens because I love listening to audiobooks in the car!) and even keep my TBR list updated!


I recently started doing book reviews. I realized that I’ve been doing book reviews for a really long time, I just wasn’t sharing them online. Every time I love a book, I tell everyone I know about them. I have verbally given so many book reviews (mostly just to family and friends) I can’t even count them. So I decided, why not share them online? It lets me hype up something I am excited about, and helps out the authors who write them!

I’ve really enjoyed the couple of reviews I’ve been able to do so far. I even got a thank you from an author, which I will admit, I did not expect but it made me so happy! To know that something small I did was helping someone else meant the world to me!

If you want to check out my reviews, start with this one! This was a fantastic book that has most definitely landed at the top of my favorite reads of the year list.


Aside from reading and sharing book recommendations, I am also starting another project. I have a big list of journal prompts and I will be updating this blog whenever the mood strikes by drawing a journal prompt and sharing my responses.

This might get pretty personal, and I am looking forward to working on my self-care routine by adding regular journaling to my weeks.

It would be so cool if you wanted to join me in this project as well! You can either write your own blog post with the selected prompt or just answer it in the comments! If you do write your own post though, please tag me and let me know! I would love to show your posts some love!

I hope you choose to hang around for a bit! And please feel free to reach out and say hi! My comments are always open to anyone looking to chat! You can also say hi to me on Twitter too!

I hope you have a fantastic day!


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