Christmas Reading 2021

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Christmas Reading

I decided this winter that in to get myself in the Christmas spirit I need to do some Christmas reading! (it’s been a hell of a year and the Christmas spirit is hard to find right now.) I am only going to read and listen to winter or holiday-themed books from now through the end of winter! So far it’s been fun!

Christmas Reading

My Christmas Reading So Far:

Twelve Days Of Christmas– Debbie Macomber

I just finished this one yesterday! It was a great read about what can happen when you make the effort to kill them with kindness! Loved this one

One Day In December– Josie Silver

A Mrs. Miracle Christmas– Debbie Macomber

This book had me crying like a baby by the time it was over! It is such an adorable and heartfelt Christmas story about a couple trying really hard to have a family. It was such an amazing story!

Mistletoe and Mr. Right– Sara Morgenthaler

(I really liked this book. It was an adorably cute Christmasy romance with a lot of humor mixed in.)

So these are a few of the books I have read so far and I recommend ALL of them! they were all great stories and I loved all of them.

Currently, I am reading

Beach Read– Emily Henry

So this one is not holiday-related, but I’ve actually been slowly working on this one while reading others. This is a really great book! Part of me has been taking it slow because I’m just not ready for it to be over!

Listening on Audible

I love Audible! I don’t have as much time as I would like to sit and read. Listening to audiobooks while driving to work has allowed me to “read” a lot more than I otherwise could. If you feel as literary deprived as I did, check out Audible!

I just started this one this morning, so I’m about an hour in. So far I love it. The characters seem great and I am really loving the narration.

So that is my very first reading update I have to share with you all!

As I said, I would recommend any of these books if you are looking for a great holiday read!! I love a romance but there is always something special about a Christmas romance!

I hope you have a great day! And I hope you hang around!

PS. If you want to connect on Goodreads, click this link here to see all the reading I’ve been up to! I only have a couple of friends on Goodreads, so if you are on there regularly, please come join me!


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