#75: 25 Things That Make Me Smile

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I know I had a bit of a delay, I meant to do this a month ago, but with a recent death in the family, and everything else going on in life, I have been physically and emotionally exhausted! But here I am, today, with the first, of hopefully many, journal prompt entries.

So I dug into my journal prompt jar and pulled out my first prompt! If you want to join me on this self-care journey, feel free! In my intro post, I shared my list of prompts plus the printout with the numbers to pick from your journal jar. If you don’t feel like doing all that, you are more than welcome to just follow me, and write your own post! Or if you prefer to keep it private, write in your journal. If you do make a blog post, please tag me! I would love to see your responses as well!

Anyway, here it goes! Journal prompt #75: Make a list of 25 things that make you smile 😀.

1. My children.

My girls are such amazing, loving, and compassionate human beings. I am so proud of them every single day! And my youngest, my son, is absolutely hilarious and never fails to put a smile on my face.

2. My Husband

We have had plenty of ups and downs over the last 18 years, but my husband knows me so well and never fails to make me laugh at the moments I need it the most.

3. Disney

I LOVE Disney movies! Peter Pan is my absolute favorite, because, well, Tinkerbell. She is amazing. But I love everything Disney.

4. Books

Books are my kryptonite. I love to read. I also love audiobooks! Listening in my car on my way to and from work has helped me get through my neverending to-be-read list so much easier since I don’t have a lot of time on my hands to devote to reading.

5. Board Games

I love playing board games with my family. My favorite is Clue, but I will play pretty much any board game you put in front of me.

6. Painting

I’m not that great at painting, however, it is something I really enjoy doing. I did this painting last winter after finding a tutorial for it on Pinterest. It isn’t super great, but I had a lot of fun doing it. Painting is like therapy for me. Whenever I’m stressed, I paint. It helps me focus on something other than whatever is bothering me. I also recently found these awesome adult paint-by-number kits! I have done 2 so far and they turn out so beautiful! Be warned though, they aren’t something to start and finish in a couple of hours. They are very detailed and take a few days. But the end results are so worth it.

7. Fall

While summer is nice, fall is my favorite time of year. The air is different, the leaves are changing and I feel like the entire atmosphere is completely different in the fall. The only thing wrong with fall is that it means winter is close, and I could do without the crazy cold.

8. Snow

Yes, I know I just said I don’t love winter. And it’s true, I don’t. But those moments I can sit at home in front of the window and watch the snowfall are beautiful. If it could be like, 50 degrees and snowing, that would be perfect. Also if I didn’t have to drive in it. Driving on crappy roads is my least favorite thing about winter. But freshly fallen snow is one of the most beautiful things!

9. Blogging

I know this blog is pretty new still, But I really do have a lot of fun with it! Just bear with me, please. I am still learning.

10. Caffeine

I can’t get my day started without a little caffeine to get me going! When it’s cold outside I like coffee. But when it’s warm I stick to energy drinks. I can’t drink warm coffee when it’s hot out and I don’t like iced coffee. Orange Kickstart energy drinks are my favorite.

11. Chocolate

Because everyone loves chocolate! And if you are one of those people who say you don’t like chocolate, I’m sorry but you’re weird. Or lying. (kidding, I know everyone doesn’t love chocolate, but I most definitely do!)

12. Words

Ok, I know that sounds silly, but there really are some words that make me smile every time I read or hear them. My favorite word is ‘cacophony’. Please don’t ask why, I don’t know. I just love the way it sounds, it’s kind of silly sounding. Another is Gubernatorial because seriously, who the hell came up with that word? It’s such a weird word, but also super fun to say… Gubernatorial…

13. Fishing

Ever since I was little, fishing with my grandpa, I have loved it. I’m no super awesome sportsman, but I love to get out on the water for some catch-and-release fishing. More so I just like being outside and fishing gives me an excuse to be near the lake. It’s the most relaxing sport ever.

14. Sunsets

15. Dessert

Confession; I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. Dessert is by far my favorite meal.

16. Lazy Rainy Days

I love those days when it rains for what seems like an entire day. I feel like on a really rainy day, nature is giving me permission to be totally lazy. Usually, I have a movie marathon with the kids or spend the day buried in a book. Rainy days are my most relaxing days.

17. Campfires

I love a good fire. Hanging out by a campfire is one of my favorite past times!

18. S’mores

Because in my book, you can’t have a campfire without s’mores.

19. Sleeping In

20. Hiking

I love going for walks, and I love being in nature. So one of my favorite activities is hiking. Going hiking always calms me down and helps me feel centered. If only I could get the rest of my family to love it as much as I do!

21. Hot Coffee On A Cold Morning

22. Poetry

I especially love Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and Langston Hughes.

23. Hallmark Movies

Yes, they are super cheesy. Like, over-the-top cheesy. But Hallmark movies are so adorably sweet I can’t help but love them… What can I say? I’m a romantic and a hopeless one.

24. Camping

I actually just love any activity that gets me outside! I love any excuse to be in nature!

25. Day Trips

This past weekend we took a day trip to Frankenmuth, MI. If you’ve never heard of this place, you should look it up! It’s a super cute touristy town. They have the coolest little shops and amazing food! We take day trips there a few times a year and love walking around there. It’s worth going at least once.

Your turn!

I didn’t realize how hard it would be for me to simply list 25 things that make me smile! Aside from the obvious friends and family, I was really struggling! Maybe I need to focus a little more on things that make me happy.

So what are 25 things that make you smile? Write your own post and leave the link in the comments! I would love to hear from you. Want another journal post? Check out this one here!

I hope you have an amazing day!


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