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The Mistress Next Door Audiobook Review

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture Audio for allowing me the opportunity to listen to and review The Mistress Next Door , by Lesley Sanderson. This audiobook was full of suspense and twists and turns that I can not wait to share with you! But first, the cover description!


I know what you did. You destroyed my life. Now I’m going to take everything from you, starting with your husband. I’m your worst nightmare, and I’m closer than you think.

Oliver, my husband and the father of our three little girls, used to be my rock. But recently he’s been behaving strangely, staying out late, working weekends and emotionally absent even when home. Now as I clutch a receipt for a hotel room and champagne for two, hidden away in his coat pocket, I’m devastated. What else can I assume other than he’s cheating?

I’ve risked everything for the life I have now, a life that’s a million miles from… before. Not that Oliver would know anything about that. I would do anything to hold on to the perfect future I so dearly long for. A future that is now about to come crashing down.

Because Oliver’s cheating isn’t the only threat to my family. This morning I received an anonymous note. One that changes everything. The past isn’t just haunting me, it’s coming back to destroy me. It seems that someone in our close-knit community of Prospect Close knows my secret. Someone who’s willing to do whatever it takes to get their revenge. They’ve already stolen my husband. How much further will they go? And what can I do to stop them…?

**I received an ARC of this book through Netgalley in exchange for my honest and voluntary review. All thoughts and opinions are my own**

Harriet and her husband Oliver are married and live with their 3 daughters in a quiet cul de sac surrounded by family and friends.

When one of the twins goes missing for a few hours, it seems to be the beginning of a chain of events that have Harriet feeling like she doesn’t know who she can trust anymore.

Someone is threatening her and her children. While she doesn’t know who it is exactly, she knows it can only be someone inside their closely-knit community.

Not only does she keep receiving anonymous threats, but Harriet also discovers that her husband has been having an affair. Again. Who is this other woman? Are the threats she’s facing related to the affair? And is all of this connected to the secrets that Harriet herself has been keeping from everyone?

What Did I Think of The Mistress Next Door?

The Mistress Next Door had me hooked within the first 5 minutes.

It starts with one of the twins going missing and then the story unfolds from there. As a mom, I was listening to one of my very worst fears as if it were very real, and I was having anxiety on behalf of Harriet. Thankfully, Tilly is found safe, but Harriet is soon caught up in a string of crazy.

I loved how suspenseful this story was. It kept me guessing until the very end. I think I suspected the entire cast of characters to be behind the threats throughout the book and even I felt like no one was trustworthy. Out of all of Harriet’s friends, I felt at points like any of them could have been behind the notes. Especially Gabby, with her secret someone she refused to talk about.

The narrator also did a wonderful job portraying the story. She was very believable and sometimes sounded like she was in fact, Harriet. I didn’t love the voice she did for the children so much. It was a little annoying sounding. But they don’t talk a whole lot and it isn’t like it ruined the book by any means.

I really didn’t like Oliver. But, as the husband having an affair and being basically a crappy person, I don’t think we are supposed to like him. There were so many times I was yelling at Harriet to just walk away. (Like, actually yelling… Out loud.)

Some parts of the story did seem to drag on a little bit. But for the most part, I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good who done it, and also a story that keeps you guessing until the very end. I will most definitely be reading more from this author very soon!

If you’d like to check this book out, you can head over to audible and get it for yourself! If you love a good mystery, you will not be disappointed in this one.

I hope you have a wonderful day! I will be back with more reviews soon, I promise!


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