Mother’s Day Gifts For Book Loving Moms

Hey all! Mother’s Day is coming up really soon! If you struggle thinking of something perfect for your mom, or significant other, look no further! If the mother in your life is a book lover, I have you covered! There are so many amazing gift ideas here. All of them are things that I would absolutely love to get for Mother’s Day! Just click on each picture for a closer look!

Life update for anyone who wants to know (If you’re just here for the gifts, feel free to scroll on!)

I know my posts have been sporadic and few and far between. Juggling a family of 5 and a full-time job and everything else on my plate has made it so hard to post regularly. But, hopefully, that will be changing soon! I just accepted a new job that starts on the 1st. It’s 3 twelve hour shifts per week, which gives me 4 days a week off. I know the number of hours is still the same, but the amount of usable time I’ll be home will be so worth those long hours.

Hopefully, once I get started there, I will have more time to post more often, and do more book reviews! If not, I’ll let you all know!

Okay, if you stuck through all that, on to the gifts!

Gift Sets



Because us book loving mama’s deserve to be pampered too this mother’s day.




Other Fun Bookish Things

I know this list was meant for gift ideas, but I might just buy myself at least a few of these. Everything is so cute! It’s still a Mother’s Day gift if I give it to myself right?

I hope this list helped you find the perfect gift for the mom’s in your life! I would love to hear what you got and if they love it or not! Let me know in the comments! Have a lovely day!

OH! And a very big Happy Mother’s Day to all of you book-loving mom’s out there! I hope it’s a wonderful day!


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